Spring 2017

  • Math 161
  • Math 101
  • Math 105
  • Math 90

Fall 2016

  • Math 89 - Morning
  • Math 89 - Afternoon
  • Math 101
  • Math 105
  • Math 122
Summer 2016
  • Math 70
  • Math 89

Math can be a difficult topic for many people. Do what you can to make it as simple as possible.

This website should help you stay organized. Here are some steps you should follow to get the most out of your class:

  1. Start by reading the syllabus for your class, so you know what is required of you and what you can expect from me. You should know from the very first day of class what you need to do to succeed.
  2. Next, check the calendar, so you can plan out what you should do each day. Make sure you schedule some time every day to study. If you skip a day, you will lose momentum.
  3. Attend class! You are not graded on attendance, but you will have a harder time understanding the material and maintaining your motivation if you aren't there in person every day.
  4. Ask questions. Wouldn't it be nice if you always understood everything perfectly the first time you heard it? Yeah... that's not going to happen. Ask questions in class. Ask your friends questions while you are studying. Come to office hours and ask questions. That's how people learn!
  5. Once you are feeling comfortable, and you are ready to take a break, check out the link's I've got. Some of them are useful, and some of them are just fun. But they are all related to science and math.


Words of Wisdom - Students who have done well in my classes share some hints and advice about how to be successful.