F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did I get an “F” in your class? I dropped out months ago!

A: In order to drop a class, the student needs to either go online and drop the course with Pirate’s Net, or go to the Admissions Office. If you simply stop showing up to class, that is NOT the same thing as dropping the class! 

Q: Why didn’t I get a grade for the class? Didn't you add me?

A: When a professor gives you an add code, that gives you permission to add the class. The actual adding is something the student needs to do themself by the 'census date' for that class. If you didn’t do your part of the process, then you didn’t get added to the class.

Q: What's the deal with this computerized homework stuff?

A: Computerized homework is beneficial for the student in many different ways. First of all, with computerized homework, you get feedback right away. You can immediately tell if you are doing the problems correctly, and make changes before you build bad habits. That isn't possible with normal paper homework. With normal paper homework, you don't know if you did the problems right or not for at least a few days. Secondly, computerized homework teaches computer skills that are such an important key to success in the modern world. Those who cannot use computers comfortably find it almost impossible to get jobs in the modern economy. Thirdly, the computerized homework system also allows a student to keep an eye on their grades on ALL their assignments, not just their homework. Students that know how they are doing in a class are much less likely to get an unpleasant surprise on their transcript! And, lastly, I have seen that when I use a computerized homework system in my classes, the students get an improvement in their grades of half a letter grade, on average overall.

Q: Holey moley! This homework takes a LOT of time!

A: Don't forget that, for every hour you spend in class, you should expect to spend 2 hour outside of class studying. For a 3-unit class during a regular semester, that means that you should expect to spend about 6 hours a week on studying, including homework. For a 5-unit class you'd need to spend 10 hours a week, just for that class! Understand that this is an average. Some people will need to spend more time, and some will need to spend less time. It will also vary from topic to topic. If you only spent a little bit of time to understand one chapter, it might be very different in another chapter. For classes in the summer, you will need to double (for 10-week classes) or TRIPLE (for 5-week classes) this investment of time!

Q: Why are you so dang strict about due dates and times for assignments?

A: I accept assignments early. As early as you like. None of my assignments give you less than several days to do the work. You should get your work done early and turn the assignment in well before the due date. If you wait until the last second to do the work and turn it in, then YOU are making that decision. And if some complication happens and 'last second' turns in to 'late', then you need to learn a lesson about procrastination. It isn't my fault for being strict about due dates and times. It is your fault for waiting until the last second. Get stuff done early. That's an important life lesson.