Links to useful (or just interesting!) websites

Desmos - An online graphing calculator that is very user friendly and powerful - Interactive Math Puzzles and Entertaining Math Essays

Everett Kaser - Excellent Logic Puzzles

Pirates Net - Find classes, see your grades, add or drop

Graph Paper! - That's right, a web page where you can print out graph paper

Steven Dutch - A "rant" that I feel is right on target

Powers of Ten - This old video from the '70s will blow your mind, and help you understand the scale of the universe

Cosmic Eye - A recent version of Powers of Ten, with more modern science and higher quality video

Pendulum Wave (scroll down) - This video shows a set of pendulums of different lengths. It illustrates the idea of common multiples ... and it's pretty!

Khan Academy - LOTS of practice in all sorts of different mathematical subjects. It works like a game, where you build a progress bar and "level up"!

Simplex Method - Here is an online calculator that will perform the Simplex Algorithm (from Finite Math - Math 130). It shows each tableau at each step of solving, which most online calculators don't include. Thanks go to the authors Waner and Costenoble for allowing this tool from their textbook's online site to be publicly accessed.