Math 101

Your first visit to

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Register” button on the right side of the screen and go to the STUDENT section
  3. You will need the class key for our class. It is: modesto 4070 4230
  4. Enter all the information that is requested. Be sure to use the same name as your MJC records!
  5. Log in every day to check if there are new homework assignments or announcements.
  6. Keep in mind that this does not add you to the course as far as MJC is concerned! If you got an add card for this class, you still need to follow the directions on the back of it to officially add the class.

Doing your homework

  1. "My Assignments" is a frame on the left side of the screen. You should check there each day. New homework will show up every time we cover a new section of the book.
  2. Keep a notebook with you as you work each assignment.
    • Doing your work on paper will help you get properly prepared for tests.
    • If you want to ask Mr. Adams questions about a particular problem, you need to have something written down to show him!
    • Looking back at the work you did on a problem will allow you to find your own mistakes, and learn the material better.
  3. You are allowed to try again on problems you got wrong. To take advantage of this, you really need to start working early! It doesn’t do you much good if you start work the night before the due date. You won't have a chance to ask questions and then try again.
  4. Expect to spend at least an hour a day working on homework. You signed up for a 3-unit class. That's 6 hours per week of homework ... minimum!

Asking Questions

The questions on WebAssign are based on the questions in the textbook. The easiest way to ask a question in class is to find a similar question in the textbook and ask Mr. Adams to work it on the board. You can also write down the question you are working on at WebAssign and ask Mr. Adams to work it on the board. It is also effective to ask questions about examples that the book works out (if you don’t understand something the book does) or to ask Mr. Adams to discuss a particular topic. Problems with itself or other individual concerns are best discussed during break times or office hours one-on-one with Mr. Adams.